November 8, 2013. Equinox Preserve Family Night Hike.     
70% of the animals living on the Equinox Preserve are nocturnal,
hunting for food and shelter after the sun has gone down.  How are these
animals able to survive?  What special adaptations allow them to hunt,
travel and survive at night?
Leave your flashlights behind and join Equinox
Preserve Steward Rick LaDue and the Green Mountain Club’s Young
Adventurers Club for this family-friendly foray into the nocturnal world
of Mt Equinox.  Learn about special adaptations of deer, owls, shrews,
flying squirrels and a number of other creatures.  Most importantly,
experience all the ways humans are also adapted to survive at night.
 All activities are kid-friendly and appropriate for ages 3-9.

We will meet at 7 pm
at the Red Gate parking lot on West Union St in Manchester for this
exciting, non-scary adventure.  Participants must preregister with
either Rick at 366-1400 ( or Jason of GMC’s Young Adventurers Club at 681-6342 (