GMC Manchester Section
Quarterly Meeting
Home of Dale & Mike
November 1, 2013
  Marge Fish, President
  Bob Fish
  Bob Whitney
  Keld & Mary Alstrup
  Ruth Ann Barrick, Membership
  Dale Malekoff, Secretary
  Alyson Gryzb, Treasurer
 Wilma Tremarco
 Andrew Harper
 Kennie Lyman
Marge Fish called the meeting
to order at 7:13pm. 
first order of business was whether to contribute to the cost of plowing of the
VAST/LT parking lot on Rt 11/30.  Alyson
was uncertain whether we had done so last year, but we had sent $300 the year
before that, and a similar amount on the years before that.  An inquiry was voiced, as to the actual cost
per plow of the parking lot… Alyson would inquire.  Motion to send $300 to VAST for plowing
(Dale/Bob W); all in favor.
reported that the current balance in the treasury is $4529, Manchester Section
receiving a portion of each members’ dues. 
Ruth Ann follows up on membership renewals.  Marge emails newsletters to all members for
whom she has an email address.  There are
still 5 members who do not have (or will not share with her) email addresses,
causing her to have to snail-mail a few newsletters.
reported that we are (and have been for a while) members of the Manchester
Chamber of Commerce.  That entitles us to
participate in their mixers once a month. 
It was suggested that we host one of these at Bromley Mountain, to talk
about GMC; Keld will pursue this.  Since
we are ‘enhanced’ members we are also entitled to post articles in their monthly
publication.  It was suggested that we
could use this venue to talk about the Bromley Tower.    
Tower:  Marge reported that there is
about $30,000 in the fund, with another $3,000 promised when ground is broken,
needing about $150,000 for the entire project. 
She expects a Spring 2015 start. 
The current thinking is to try to find a used (in good condition) tower,
and refurbish it.  If not, then build a
new one.   GNAT has a 60 spot about the
tower fundraising
24 – Sunday – Haystack Mt in Rupert; meet a Shaws in Manchester at 8:30;
moderate, with steep portions.
15 – Sunday – Equinox Red Gate trail to the Manchester Arts Center and back;
easy; meet at the Red Gate at 8:30; leader – Keld;
28 – Saturday – Merck Forest; meet at Shaws at 8:30 or Merck Forest at 9:00;
intermediate; leader – Keld;
 Jan 1 – Wednesday – Stratton Pond from N.
Brookwood; meet at the Post Office in Bondville at    
 8:30; leader – Marge;
11 – Saturday – Catamount Trail, South Rd to French Hollow; meet at Peru Town
Center at 8:30; intermediate; leader – Bob Whitney;
21 – Tuesday – Bear Town Rd to the top of Equinox; meet at 8 behind the
Congregational Church in Manchester; leader – Steve Gryzb; intermediate;
1 – Saturday – Stratton Mt from N. Brookwood; meet at the Post Office in
Bondville; intermediate; leader – Dave Ratti;
11 – Tuesday – Little Michigan; meet at the end of North Road in Peru at 9:00;
leader – Ruth Ann Barrick; easy;
15 – Saturday – Taylor Series:  trip up
Anna Purna in the Himalayas, given by Bev & Jim Phillipps; 7:30 at
Londonderry Volunteer Rescue Squad building;
16 – Sunday – Bromley Mt from Mad Tom to Rt 11; meet at 11/30 parking lot at
5-6-7 – Wed – Fri; Wheeler Pond; stay in 2 woodstove-heated cabins, snowshoe; bring
food and cooking equipment; room for 16; paid for by the Section; leader –
22 – Aiken Wilderness; leader – Dave Ratti;
28 – Spring pot luck, at the home of Keld & Mary; 6pm;