Join us for an Invasive Species and Habitat Restoration workshop on Friday June 20 at Woodford State Park, taught by biologists from VT Forest. Parks and Recreation.
PLEASE RSVP TO MARGE FISH AT or 802-384-3654 or 802-824-3662 BY JUNE 17
 Schedule for the program:
3:30 – 4pm Arrive @ Woodford State Park/Forest, gather at meeting spot4:00 pm Orientation – Who, What, Where, When, How
 Welcome & Introduction
 Site & Facilities where we’re working
 Overview of Evening & Schedule
 Our job & goals
 Prescription process, tool use, plant ID
4:30 Start project
6:30pm Dinner and Invasives 101 – the big picture
 Problem and Threat of Invasives
 Dealing with Invasives
 Restoration and Regeneration
7:00pm Resume project
9pm Break down, tool care, packaging material
9:20pm Summary of work, thank you, gift certificates, conclusion and charge!
9:30 pm Program’s end