Here are the minutes from our Pot Luck dinner, trip planning meeting and Annual Meeting.
The calendar will be updated later this week.
Anyone else who would like to lead a trip, please email Marge Fish at <>.

GMC Manchester Section
Quarterly Meeting
Home of Phyllis Lewis
April 2, 2016
  Marge & Bob Fish
  Bob Whitney
  Ruth Ann Barrick
  Dale & Mike Malekoff
  Alyson Gryzb
  Phyllis Lewis
  Joe Ninesling
  Dave Ratti
  Jane Della Ratta
  Keld Alstrup
  Mark & Dee
Marge Fish called the meeting
to order. 
Election of officers:
  President – Marge Fish
  Trail & Shelters – Dave Ratti
  Treasurer – Alyson Gryzb
  Secretary – Dale Malekoff
Treasurers report:  $6675 in the treasury
Bromley Tower:
  Plans have been drawn by Matt Wells
  Bromley Ski Area and Vt  working to figure out the exact location of
the tower
  Height will be determined once location is
  Have $35,000 in the bank, but no projection
of cost at this time
  Goal is build
in 2017
  GMC Manchester website cost has been donated
up until now, will now be up to us… cost $200/year
  GMC club website is new, 2 weeks ago
GMC Board Report:
  Budget has been approved
  Written reports from committees are available
  Stone Hut on Mansfield burned down, will be
  Annual meeting – Lyndonville State College,
housing in the dorm, good hikes
Upcoming dates were noted:
4/17 – Hike West River Trail –
Joe Ninesling
4/24 – Hike West River Trail –
Joe Ninesling
4/25, 4/26 – School groups
doing trail work on Bromley, Styles; Dave Ratti
4/29-4/30-5/1 – EMS Club Day;
Mountain Goat also offers a year round discount
to anybody with AMC/GMC membership card
5/1 – Hike West River Trail –
Joe Ninesling
5/12 – Burr & Burton
sophomores doing trail work, Bromley Mt; Dave Ratti
5/13 – 5/16 – Backpack VT/AT
Maine Jct to Norwich; Dale & Marge
5/21 – Trail work, Griffith to
Mad Tom; meet 8am in Peru parking lot
5/28 – Hike East Dorset Trail
(formerly Mad Tom Trail); Bob Whitney; 5-7 miles, moderate; meet 8am Peru
parking lot
529 – Lye Brook ruins; Keld;
1pm at trailhead  
6/18 or 6/25 – hike Mt Aeolus;
Keld Alstrup, Joe Hand to lead?
6/18 or 6/25 – hike Kelly
Stand to Bourne Pond to Lye Brook Falls; Marge; 10 miles
7/16 – TBD; Mark Blanchard 
7/17 – hike Haystack (Pawlet);
Phyllis Lewis & Keld; meet Shaws 1pm; 4 miles, moderate
7/23 – hike Woodford State
Forest, Aiken Wilderness;  Dave Ratti; 10
miles, difficult, bushwhacking;  meet 8am
Woodford SP
Trips without dates:
July – Kayak
Meeting adjourned.
Respectfully submitted,

Dale Malekoff